Homework grading

Each question will be given a score with roughly 3 levels:

  • 0 point: The question was not attempted.
  • Partial points: If you attempt it, but there are either substantial methodological errors or major conceptual misunderstandings of the material
  • Full points: Essentially correct (may have minor errors), and the conceptual discussion is sufficient.

We expect that most students will receive full points on most homework questions. There may also be bonus questions – when calculating grades, the “denominator” for 100% will be without the bonuses.

Dropping grades and late days

  • We will replace your lowest homework grade with your paper presentation grade (if it is higher), so that your composite homework grade will be based on your top homework scores and final project score, evenly weighted.
  • In addition, you will be allowed five total late days during the semester. These late days allow you to turn in homework up to 24 hours late, with no penalty; you may also use all five late days on a single homework assignment, but that will leave you with no late days for other homeworks. When submitting an assignment late, please mark at the top how many late days are used for this assignment and how many you have used before, if any. Note that even 10 minutes late counts as a full late day, as calculated by gradescope.

Submitting assignments as pdfs

Due to limitations of gradescope, you have to submit your assignment as a pdf. We recommend either using LaTeX or markdown to typeset your homework, or writing clearly your answers on paper and then using a scanner app on your phone to convert it to a pdf.